Game Economy

To maintain sustainability and stability of the game, we employ the Free-to-Play model that has been used for over a decade by traditional games. A part of our revenue will be redirected back to players as direct and indirect rewards.
Revenue will be used to give rewards to players

GoldMiner Revenue

Our revenue consists of $GM tokens that players spend in-game, and from payment they make through fiat gateways. They include, but not limited to:
  • NFT sales
  • NFT renting
  • Market fee
  • Character props upgrade
  • Character props fusion
  • Entry fee for ticketed tournaments
  • Bypassing time-gated content

Play-to-Earn rewards

GoldMiner maintain two reward streams for players.

1. Direct reward of $GM for top players

Being a professional gamer is a tough job mentally and financially. GoldMiner wants to support competitive players with a stable source of income.
Top players will receive $GM as the reward based on their rank on the PvP leaderboard. The leaderboard will reset after a period of time and players will compete to get to the top next time.
Furthermore, if a player is confident in their team composition and their skill, they can bet $GM tokens against other players in PvP games and earn from winning.
Other than the main tournament with free entry, GoldMiner will host ticketed tournaments where participants pay an entrance fee, this fee will be pooled together as tournament prize.

2. Indirect reward through treasure box for all players

For all non competitive players, if you cannot reach the top or you are just a casual player who prefers a complete daily quest, you can still earn through our reward of treasure boxes. By opening the boxes, in addition to consumables, you have the chance to obtain valuable items such as tickets for summoning NFT Character props or equipment gems. You can also trade unopened boxes on our market to other players for $GM.
The value of a box is often determined by the chance to get valuable assets and the market price of such assets.