August, 2021
  • Game development
  • Smart contract development and audit
October, 2021
  • Gold tokens public sale
  • Open LP farm
  • GM tokens staking program
  • Staking program enable for buyers of the tokens
November, 2021
  • NFT Character props sale
  • Marketplace
  • Launch of MVP on all platforms
  • The marketplace open for the player to trade their NFTs
  • NFTs owners can preview their purchase
  • Other players can play a demo match
December, 2021
  • PvE game mode
  • Listed CEX (Okex Gate...)
  • Workshop
  • Players can start trading their loot-boxes and in-game resources on the marketplace
  • Workshop to receive feedback from the communtiy
January, 2022
  • Character props Fusion program
  • NFT minting is enabled
February, 2022
  • PvP game mode
  • Rank system & Match-marking algorithm go online.
  • PvP waging is enabled