Third-person shooter

GoldMiner is a play-to-earn Third-person shooter gold-playing game. The user's goal is to increase the mining hit rate and equip the character with a unique NFTs to help the character increase the game output. Combine DeFi, collectibles and your own personality.
GoldMiner Team plans for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in November, 2021 for purchasers of the NFTs to have a preview of their Character props in-game. F2P players also have the opportunity to try free non-NFT Character props to have a demo match. PvE Campaign Mode and PvP Arena mode will come live in December and February, respectively.

Game Introduction

The GoldMiner is a universe full of explorers' inspiration. Anyone can earn tokens through proficient games and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can collect, fight, trade, and participate in different treasure continent for gold nuggets to obtain high returns.


We have prepared a variety of high return maps for gold miners. GoldMiner uses a revolutionary token economic system, which perfectly combines the advantages of DeFi and GameFi. Utilize financial mechanisms and game systems to empower players, and creates a fun and interesting P2E ecosystem.

Collect underground treasures

Players need to control the grappling hook to extend it at a suitable angle and grab the gold mine or gem underground. Each game level has a target value, as long as the target value is reached, you can take the challenge of the next level.Be careful with stones, the stones are time-consuming and valueless. The gold nuggets, gems and other items will be exchanged for gold coins, and can be used to withdraw to your blockchain wallet or consume in the game.

NFT Miner Character

You can buy NFT miner characters in the Market or in the Official Store. In order to ensure the high return of the game and the rarity of the NFT, each character is issued in limited quantities. The higher the quality, the faster the mining speed and the higher the profit.

NFT mining equipment

NFT mining equipment that has high profitability and rarity,which is worth to have one. High-quality NFT equipment has a larger grappling hook in the game and a bigger grabbing range. The use of legendary characters and miners at the same time can turn on the alchemy effect and get double return.

Trading, Ranking & Social Features

Trade on Marketplace. Compete with friends and other players. Socialise in private chat and world channel