GoldMiner smart yield aggregator

GoldMiner Aggregator automatically executes a set investment strategy. The GoldMiner pool is designed to maximize returns by automatically finding the best combination of returns and reinvesting to increase the APY to achieve annualized returns that far exceed the normal mining model. In this way, Goldmine helps users earn high income while the GoldMiner project has the function of continuous growth. In the GoldMiner project plan, all of its own earnings will be used for repurchase, development of meta-universe games and other project ecological construction, ensuring the maximum long-term stability of the project.
Best security return: In the selection of DeFi protocols, GoldMiner will conduct professional research on various projects, select high-yield DeFi projects, and adjust positions in real time, so that users can avoid the "trouble of dirt mining".
GM tokens also have governance rights, DAO dividend rights, LP income rights and deflationary effects, and the four attributes are effectively interlinked to achieve a self-driven value capture ecological loop. With the "one-stop" strategy, GM tokens are firstly connected to the aggregated gainers, and will soon be connected to more Deals and Game. The original self-driven value capture eco-loop will be further strengthened and deeply empowered, and will become the fortune key of the "One-Stop GameFi Eco-Platform".